PLB Hire

We have a GME MT410G Personal locator beacon for hire.
PLBs  are designed for use when life is endangered and you have no other means of communication. The PLB can save your life and the lives of others by leading an air, land or sea rescue to your precise location. PLBs are an excellent choice to provide added safety while on the Munda Biddi Trail.

  • National and International approvals
  • Typical accuracy (with GPS) <100m
  • Sealed waterproof design (exceeds IP67)
  • High visibility flashing light
  • 13.5 x 7.1 x 3.8 cm
  • Weight 270 grams

Hire Rates:

Min 7 days $60
10 days $75
2 weeks $90
3 weeks $110
4 weeks $130

Payment of hire up front, plus $150 deposit and photo id and a mobile phone number are required to hire.  Hire rates are for time from pick up to return - not just time used.

GME MT410G Instructions

Download the instructions