FiberFix Spokes

A broken spoke on a lonely trail, a long way from home is a big problem.  Ignoring it simply loads up the other spokes, increasing the chances of more breaks. Now there's no need to carry a freewheel remover or to open up your brakes to continue riding. The FiberFix replacement spoke is a temporary repair that can save you day easily and inexpensively.

A FiberFix Spoke is an essential item carried by many bikepackers, mountain bikers, tandem riders, commuters, recumbent cyclists, recreational riders, road racers, 24-hour mountain bike racers, and randonneuring riders. Many testimonials attesting to a FiberFix Spoke saving a ride and working well can be found on the Internet. They fit both front and rear wheels, and do not need the rear gear cluster to be removed. The kit contains all the items you need to make a repair, are reuseable, are small, and are easy to use. Personally, one has got my fully loaded bike over 200km to a bike shop. And they are inexpensive for the peace of mind that they offer when you are a long way from home. However, we cannot claim to be able to fix all wheels, especially if the spoke nipple has pulled through, although they can still assist with carrying the load.

(See FibreFix fitting instructions at the bottom of this page)


How to fit a FiberFix Spoke:

1. Remove broken spoke (see detailed instructions if it can't be removed)

2. Screw Fiberfix cam into existing nipple (or use the spare in the kit)

3. Thread Fiberfix spoke through spoke hole in hub

4. Feed Fiberfix spoke through cam

5. Pull hand tight

6. Hold cam while tightening spoke nipple with provided spoke wrench

7. Tighten only until wheel is true (don't overtighten).

To see a video on fitting a FiberFix Spoke, see:

Tip: - roll the instructions up and squeeze them into the tube the kit comes in - it may need repacking, but will fit. Tape on the lid to hold it together. It will now fit in to your toolbag.

See the instructions that come in the kit here:

Download the FiberFix Fitting Instructions

Postage is $11 per order (up to 4 FFS kits), so buy a couple of spares for your other bikes and save on freight.
Postage to New Zealand needs to be quoted, but last time was $AU20 to N.Z., so not too bad if you buy 4.