Extrawheel trailers

The World's lightest bicycle trailer

Yes, we carry Extrawheel trailers and spare parts in Australia!

Extrawheel bicycle trailers are great way to carry bike panniers. The clever design will fit nearly all bikes, and is especially useful for bikes that can't fit pannier racks (bicycles with disc brakes, rear suspension and MTBs without a luggage carrier).

Extrawheel is the best when riding off road. A big wheel will overcome obstacles more easily than small wheels.

Towing a trailer results in less wear to the bike, because it spreads the load over three wheels

Extrawheel is the lightest trailer, at only 4.79 kilos with a standard wheel.

Extrawheel is safe. It detaches from the bike in case of a major collision

Extrawheel carries up to 35 kilos

Extrawheel trailers are made in Poland and have a 5 year warranty

Now with rear mudguard reflector and wheel reflector.