Extrawheel bike trailer


  • Do not carry people or animals on the bicycle trailer.
  • The load of 35 kg may affect stability, especially in rough terrain.
  • Do not exceed the speed of 40 km/h while riding.
  • For off road use only**
  • In the event of a crash, the Extrawheel will detach itself from the bicycle.
  • It may also detach if:
    • it is overloaded
    • you ride at an acute angle on to an obstruction, such as a kerb
    • you jack knife while reversing

** It appears the Australian standards for bicycle trailers is written around two wheeled trailers designed to carry children. For example, you cannot fit two equally spaced rear red reflectors on a single wheeled trailer. As the Voyager trailer need the mudguard removed to fit a 29" MTB wheel, there will be no rear red reflector. This means they would fail basic Australian bicycle standards . So it is easier for me to say these trailers are for off road use only rather than risk infringing on the design standards.

Note -   no credit card facilities at Bibra Lake, so please pre-order online or pay cash on collection.

How to fit the Extrawheel trailer:

Download the Extrawheel Fitting Instructions

How to order the correct Extrawheel 12mm thru axle:

Download the Extrawheel 12mm axle sizing chart

Other methods of fitting Extrawheel Trailers:

Download the Extrawheel mounting instructions

A short video of Extrawheel trailers in use: