Extrawheel trailers

The World's lightest bicycle trailer

Update Sept 2020:
Unfortunately, due to low demand, and the high cost of shipping the large boxes they come in (both into Australia, and then around the country), we willno longer be importingExtrawheel trailers.
We don't have left in stock.

However, we still have all the accessories listed below such as:
 - quick release axles
- some 12mm thru axles
 - forks
 - some spare parts such as mudguards, wheels etc.

You can buy trailers direct from the factory here - https://extrawheelshop.com

Be aware that you will likely be required to pay when the trailer arrives in Australia:
 - 10% GST
 - 5% tariff
 - Customs handling fee - currently $88
 - Any addition charges such as quarantine inspection.


Extrawheel bike trailer


  • Do not carry people or animals on the bicycle trailer.
  • The load of 35 kg may affect stability, especially in rough terrain.
  • Do not exceed the speed of 40 km/h while riding.
  • For off road use only**
  • In the event of a crash, the Extrawheel will detach itself from the bicycle.
  • It may also detach if:
    • it is overloaded
    • you ride at an acute angle on to an obstruction, such as a kerb
    • you jack knife while reversing

** It appears the Australian standards for bicycle trailers is written around two wheeled trailers designed to carry children. For example, you cannot fit two equally spaced rear red reflectors on a single wheeled trailer. As the Voyager trailer need the mudguard removed to fit a 29" MTB wheel, there will be no rear red reflector. This means they would fail basic Australian bicycle standards . So it is easier for me to say these trailers are for off road use only rather than risk infringing on the design standards.

Note -   no credit card facilities at Bibra Lake, so please pre-order online or pay cash on collection.

How to fit the Extrawheel trailer:

Download the Extrawheel Fitting Instructions

How to order the correct Extrawheel 12mm thru axle:

Download the Extrawheel 12mm axle sizing chart

Other methods of fitting Extrawheel Trailers:

Download the Extrawheel mounting instructions

A short video of Extrawheel trailers in use: