The tools kits available are:

Mountain - 4, 5, 6 mm hex, Torx 25
Standard A - 4, 5, 6 mm hex, slotted
Standard B - 4, 5, 6 mm hex, Phillips No. 2
Roadie A - 3, 4, 5 mm hex, Philips No. 2
Roadie B - 2.5, 4, 5 mm hex, Philips No. 2
SRAM Inspired - 2.5, 4, 5 mm hex, Torx 25

They are available in a case or attachment to go behind your water bottle carrier.
Or choose the Replaceables option in the Mountain bike kit at the bottom of the page - stronger with 8 different bits for most on the go jobs.

Finally, the T-Way wrench is ideal for your home workshop - it doesn't fold up, but it is strong and versatile.

Freight is $11 Australia wide for 1 or 2 units, or free to collect in Bibra Lake WA.

Note - The Aluminium Fix It Sticks are designed to be your on-hand tools for on-trail adjustment. They are not as strong as the steel Replaceables. Maximum torque is 15 Nm. If you apply too much torque to them (usually on a stuck pedal), you will crack the aluminum or strip the bit out.   This is relatively rare, but it does happen, and is not warranty. The tyre lever and 15mm spanner options do not fit the aluminium "Originals" - only the "Replaceables".